Work your brand at retail level

The most important activity in a selling of any good at retail level is to creat the best possible visibility for your brand. This is where many companies loose the battle; not beacuse you are giving discounts or promotions it means that things are being done to maximize your efforts to communicate to your consumer your proposal. 


If you leave all decisions to your retailer, you might end up being another sku in a big universe. You need to look for secondary position within the retail. It won't matter is you are produce, dairy, meat, grocery or a candy, at retail everything is impulse.


We have experience on how to penetrate your brand in the Hispanic Market, our team has over 18 years experience doing it. Don't be left behind.


At HMD-Hispanic Market Developer, each merchandiser gets a proper training on how to work our customer's brand.

Feet on the street

Our merchandising team will

  • Be your first selling effort.
  • Visit the store list you provide us.
  • Present and presell (if needed) any program you want us to communicate to retail store.
  • Review your product inventories and expiration dates.
  • Merchandise your product according to planogram.
  • Negotiate secondary positions with store manager.
  • Build displays (with give tools) in store hot spots.

Prior giving you a merchandising service

  • We will need to have your project goals and expectations.
  • We will develop a blitz strategy to optimize the service we provide you.
  • We will make sure each member of our staff has all proper information you would like us provide your customer.
  • We will give our representative all selling and promotional tools you provide us with.

Success at retail

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